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Ko Hyun Jung in Harper’s Bazaar for her clothing brand atti.k. Godess!

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More Cutie Hyanggi pics.

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The cute baby is now so much a lady. Look how pretty Kim Hyang Gi has become. She looks so fresh and girly in the 2014 Busan International. How time flies.

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One happy fan here. I so enjoyed the third installment. The action scenes were terrific.

Okina was weird, lolz. We can’t get over him.

I also appreciated the scene wherein they showcased the kuzu ryusen. In the anime, it was just a burst of 9 criss-crossed lights, then afterwards, the opponent is defeated. In the movie, it was awesome and detailed with Kenshin’s strikes.

Yumi’s costume was divine, pure white and lacy.

There were a lot of scenes that were noteworthy but I think you guys should witness it yourself.

Major Spoiler!!!!
Kenshin’s face on the last scene/shot was the most amazing ever. He’s adorkable, sweet, sexy, seductive all in one. It’s just sooo heart-melting. If It was me he was talking to, I might turn into a love-struck messy goo or I might suffer from a heart attack because my heart would stop there and then. Or better yet, I might smother him with kisses and rip his clothes off and drag him to the bedroom and pull down the shutters and lock the door and, you know.
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

In the photo above, I’m sitting on Kenshin’s weapon. Oops, does it sound pervy? Hihihi.

Go watch it guys.

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Sorry not sorry for still shipping, hee.

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Trafalgar Law, my tissue guard (^∇^)

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My Nihongo training book’s cover is so inspirational. :) When I get frustrated, I’ll just close it and stare at the photos. Then I get motivated. 頑張って \(^o^)/

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Nice parting shot, Ging.

HXH, ja mata.

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No need to pierce me with your oh so lovely eyes, baby. Yes, I will watch the movie, thank you very much. Love you!!!

Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends now showing

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Ahh, pretty Sunny with Jang Hyuk. Sunny has an instagram account —> sunny1001k, but she’s not accepting requests yet. :((

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Rurouni Kenshin is everywhere!

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Hello Kenshin. So, Kenshin is really a kitty — err, a girl. What? Lolz

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Good, looking good, good-looking!

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Soo adorbs.  I wanna take you home. Hihi.