August 25th  -  10 notes  -  J

So this was when Shishio decided that he wants Kenshin to be a part of his coven.  Makoto Shishio Cullen.  Argh.

Or maybe he was hungry he gave in to his cannibalistic nature and tried to taste Kenshin’s blood and sweat and neck?  (I always wanted to wipe clean Kenshin’s neck when it gets focused by the camera when it’s dirty with battle.  Or even when it’s clean, hikhikhik.  Well, I can’t blame Shishio if he’s got that in him too. :P)

This is Kenshin’s fault.  If only he gave a little attention to his kouhai, then everything would have been all right.  I guess Kenshin doesn’t need any more fangirls screaming at him, hihihi.

August 25th  -  25 notes  -  J

Flawless. Gorgeous lips.

August 21st  -  1 note  -  J

How pretty! Go Hyun Jung for Re:NK.

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You really waited for this, didn’t you, Mr. Photographer?

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August 10th  -  1 note  -  O
Munetaka Aoki is the best kind of person possible omg

I think so too.  He made the programs more lively.  And his signature flipflops, hahaha. 

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August 10th  -  1 note  -  O

IKR.  She looks so proper and ladylike, plus the fact that she’s soo pretty.

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so pretty.

August 8th  -  67 notes  -  J

Rurouni Kenshin in Glorietta public press conference 8/7/14. Mr. Munetaka is having such a good time.
Photos by animeph

August 6th  -  34 notes  -  J

Rurouni Kenshin in Manila
Photos from philstar

August 6th  -  42 notes  -  J

Rurouni cast in SM Megamall red carpet premiere
Photos from fb and twitter

August 6th  -  22 notes  -  J

Takeru in Manila. See you tomorrow in Glorietta. Kyaaaaa

August 3rd  -  51 notes  -  J

Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Inferno posters in Ayala-Paseo de Roxas, Makati City underpass. I was actually in a hurry but I had to take the pics, hihi

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Rurouni Kenshin in Manila

Please spare me a ticket, pleeeeeeeaasssse

July 14th  -  6 notes  -  J

Two of the super things we won in Sega World in Tachikawa.  Good thing my sister’s Japanese husband spent a lot of time in arcades when he was still in his teens.